Be My Queen ~ RayeAnn Carter

Current Read

When you decide to take a chance and live in the moment, you run the risk of regretting your decision… or run the risk of meeting the love of your life. That’s exactly what happened with Lavender and Diego. It took quite a bit persuasion on his part, but Diego was able to convince Lavender to take a chance.

With some pressure from her friends and a littler persistence from Diego, Lavender decides to go out on a date. Diego knows there’s something different about Lavender… he just can’t put his finger on it. She’s unlike any girl he’s ever dated and he’s absolutely in love with her. All he has to do is convince her that she’s in love with him…. but will her secret be the end of them before they even begin?

I saw this as a story of acceptance and taking chances. Will Diego accept Lavender as she is and can she let herself go to live in the moment? It’s a beautiful love story and it’s well done.

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