Her Knight In Black Leather ~ J.M. Stewart

Current Read 2

First intro to J.M. Stewart and I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve had this book for about two months. I cannot believe it took me so long! It’s quite the love story that has humor to lighten the mood when it gets a bit heavy.

Unfortunately, for some people, the sins of the father (or in this case… mother) has Cat looking for anonymity. Because of an incident involving Cat’s mother when Cat was young, has Cat trying to blend in.

Michael has spent his life trying to be the person he’s always wanted to be, not who his father wants him to be. For that,  he and his father are at odds. There’s a tragic incident in his past that he’d rather forget, but every time he comes home… he’s reminded.

One night, Cat is at a bar with a friend… trying to forget a failed relationship. There’s a guy who just won’t leave her be. Enter Michael. Neither one knows who the other is… and that allows them to both to let their guard down and be who they really are.

The downside to their relationship, there is someone stalking Cat and causing trouble anonymously. Intimate moments between Cat and Michael seem to become public. Desperate measures are taking as their relationship progresses.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. There’s just something about a bad boy who’s domestic… has a vulnerable side… but also has a teasing demeanor with a wicked smile.


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