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Losing Ground ~ Sasha L. Miller

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Carter and his mother, Rebekah are earth wizards. They do what they can to protect the environment in their territory. Rebekah’s territory is suffering from a terrible disease. No one knows what it is or how to cure it. She and Carter are doing what they can to sustain and protect the plants and trees the disease hasn’t touch, which there isn’t much left to protect. They feel a power surge like never before. Carter investigates and meets a young man named Tai… who is also an earth wizard with a shaky past. He’s more powerful than Rebekah and Carter, but his ability isn’t harnessed. Somehow he is able to cure the disease. Can Carter get the introvert Tai to trust him and help cure the territory before it’s too late?

I enjoyed watching the friendship develop between Carter and Tai. They both needed a friend and they met at the most opportune tune time. Given Tai’s past, the mysterious shroud that was around him throughout the book made sense. At times it was a bit slow moving because you as the reader is truly curious about Tai’s background. The epilogue was nice, but not necessarily needed. It felt like with this epilogue, not much time went by so it was a bit rushed and more graphic than anything else in the book. With that being said… I did enjoy the story.


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