Caversham Bride

Current Read

I really wanted to love this book… It’s a historical romance, what’s not to love?! The book starts off following 19-year old Lia as she’s on her way to the pharmacy on an errand for her aunt. She’s sure it’s for naught, but she goes anyway. Along the way she realizes she’s being follow and later captured by two goons that have been hired (by her aunt) to kill her. Instead they sell her to man in Morocco to work in a harem.

While visiting a friend, Ren sees Lia fleeing from a man with fear in her eyes. So naturally, he buys her. They both have quite the predicament… Her aunt’s trying to kill Lia and her brother. Ren has a cousin, Thomas, trying to kill him… both for the inheritance money. Ren needs an heir, Lia needs to save her brother. So a child for a child.

The way Ren handled her aunt I’d say was pretty straight forward. He removed them both from Lia’s aunt’s home and made her return every bit of the inheritance money she’s already used. However, the way the story was written, there was no real conflict when it came to Thomas. You think Thomas dies, but no… just someone who looks like Thomas. You’re thinking there’s about 25% left in the book, this could be exciting! NOPE! One chapter later the conflict is over… it’s all about Lia’s survival now. Everything in this book just felt like it was rushed. That kept me from loving the book. It’s a good story… not a great one. This would be something I’d recommend when you need to pass the time…

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