The Addictive Blog Award

Addictive Blog


I was nominated by Emalie. This was so awesome and I thank you! Here’s her post by the way

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person awarding you.
2. Share a little about why you blog and how the journey started.
3. Paste the blog award on your page.
4. Nominate 10 other bloggers you feel deserve the award.

I created my blog because I have a love and a passion for reading and feeding the imagination. I was nervous about starting my blog because I always thought, “Who really wants to know what you think?!” That thought alone is what took me so long to create this blog. I don’t regret starting this blog. I have “met” some very interesting people through this and we all share the same love for books and reading. I hope that never stops! I think it’s really cool and fun to have someone to share your opinions with on books of different genres. I used to have at least one friend I could meet up with and tell them about this really awesome book, but now we’re in different states. Why stop giving reviews on books to one person when I can give them to a plethora of people from all over?!

I would like to nominate:

Emalie (I don’t know if she can nominated again… but what the hell!?)

Estefany Swan

Nicole Hernandez

Book Geeking

Written Word Worlds




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