Welcome to Temptation

Love story, check!
Murder mystery, check!
Hilarious, heck yea!
Happy ending, of course!

Sophie and her sister, Amy, travel to the city of Temptation to shoot a video of Clea, the city’s “biggest” star, returning to her roots. Only, Clea has other ideas of what she wants to shoot.

Phin, the town’s mayor, wants a quiet life… and not to be mayor. Who can blame him when everyone in town argues over everything… no, seriously… EVERYTHING! Word gets out that Clea is back in town and wants to shoot a video. Well, her videos aren’t for children. We’ll leave it at that… So naturally, Phin and the good sheriff of Temptation and Phin’s best friend, Wes, must go over to Clea’s farm and investigate to make sure everything is on the up and up. Especially since the city council just passed an anti-porn ordinance.

Sparks fly when Phin and Sophie meet each other. Attraction is instant. They tell themselves that they need to stay away from each other, but Phin keeps finding reasons to go out to the farm; Sophie finds a way to be available. Just when everyone is falling into a routine, enters Leo, the porn king, and his assistant, Davy, Sophie’s brother. Following behind them, Clea’s soon to be ex-husband, Zane. He’s an investigative reporter and the town loves him. He’s also a Grade A jackass who embezzled all of Clea’s money, which he’s willing to give back… all she has to do is come home.

Soon Temptation becomes involved in the town’s Whodunit when Zane turns up dead. And what a whodunit! Everyone has a reason for him to disappear. Phin, his nosy neighbor, Stephen, Wes… all suspects. The killer, wasn’t who I expected it to be.

Sophie gets the family she always wanted… even if it’s not the mother-in-law she envisioned. She reminded me a bit of Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham (Maggie Smith’s character)… quick witted and protective of her family.

This was my introduction to Jennifer Crusie and what an intro it was! Every character was witty and very well developed. I look forward to the day I read this again!


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