So I was wondering if anyone out there in the lovely cyber universe could recommend a great book/series? I love reading and I’m open to all suggestions! The horror genre was one that I tended to stay away from, but I would like to try and venture into it. I’d like to try something new and different. Any suggestions?


  1. I would like to recommend “Perfectly Ernest” by E.J. Wesley. I recently finished this one and it was so good! It was heavy in subject without FEELING like a heavy read. The main character Ernie is playing college baseball and by all accounts living the dream, but somehow finds ways to sabotage his life (which makes sense after we find out that he’s suffering from immense grief and depression) and ends up in group counseling. The people he meets there will make you wish you were friends with them. Think ‘The Breakfast Club’ with mental and emotional disorders. Great read!!!

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  2. Oh I know so many great series. Do you mind paranormal stuff? If not, then try the Lux or Dark Elements series by Jennifer L. Armentrout or the Soul Screamer series by Rachel Vincent (both YA) or maybe the Bloodrunner series by Rhyannon Byrd? I could go on like this for days. LOL

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