readWhere do I possibly start with “Doon”?! This book could quite possibly be my favorite new book! The authors, Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon, paint a vivid picture of the life high school cheerleader, Veronica Welling has versus the life she deserves. Her high school boyfriend is a jerk aided by her bitter rival and fellow cheerleader, Stephanie… who has no shred of common decency. A mom who is quite possibly the most selfish human being with a creeper for a boyfriend. If that isn’t enough, she thinks she going crazy because she keeps having visions of the most handsome young man she has ever seen in her life and keeps getting convinced by her best friend, MacKenna to go to Scotland with her. All the while, she keeps having these visions, but has no idea what they are and what they mean. But are they really just visions?

The authors take you from mid-west America to the mystical place of Scotland. From there they take you across the Brig o’ Doon to the magical Scottish kingdom of Doon. The imagery that is displayed makes you feel like you’re standing in the outskirts of the kingdom with Veronica and MacKenna. The kingdom of Doon can be described as a traditional kingdom in the mid 16th, but with a few modern twist… like plumbing.

Veronica and MacKenna¬†are polar opposites. Veronica is a book nerd that loves to workout while Kenna is an actress with the hopes of becoming a Broadway musical star. The princes of Doon could not be more different as well. Prince Jamie is the next in line for the throne and Prince Duncan wants nothing more than to serve the King, his kingdom, and find the love of his life…in no particular order. So you have a witch, a magical bridge, a far away kingdom and a handsome prince…sorry, two handsome princes. What more can you ask for?

Together the four of them must work to stop the witch and save the kingdom… of course with complications along the way. As the kingdom changes hands, can the four of them do what is needed to save themselves and the kingdom? In the end, Veronica and Kenna have a choice to make… but is it one that they can live with?

I couldn’t put the book down! I read the book three times and couldn’t wait the get the sequel, Destined For Doon, so that I could know what happened next. I highly recommend this series. It’s well written, very witty and highly entertaining!

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