Destined For Doon


If you have not read Doon, proceed with caution… Please and thank you!

So… Doon ended with MacKenna making the decision to not return to the magical, mystical kingdom, leaving Prince Duncan behind. She realizes too late that she too, had visions… of Duncan since she was a child. We start off with MacKenna in Chicago after she made her decision… and it’s one that she has regretted ever since. Her dream is coming true and she is finishing up her acting internship at a Chicago theatre filling in for the lead actress that became sick. She returns to her dressing room to find Prince Duncan waiting for her. Veronica, Prince Jamie, and Prince Duncan need her to return to Doon to fight an evil that no one can see. Veronica is in desperate need of her help and there is no one she trusts more than MacKenna. Here you see Prince Duncan go from the fun-loving prince that you met in Doon to a civilian giving MacKenna the cold shoulder.

As they make their way back to Doon, MacKenna is coming to terms with the outcome of her decision while Duncan has been living the reality of it. But his purpose is clear… the kingdom needs saving and if MacKenna can help save the kingdom, he’d do what he can to help her. No more, no less. The people of Doon have not accepted Veronica as one of their own and it’s causing tension in the kingdom… made worse by the sudden arrival of MacKenna. The bigger issue… the witch is at it again! This time, the girls have to save the kingdom… without the help of the princes. Together, MacKenna and Veronica set about stopping the witch once again and returning everything to normal. Just when you think you’re getting the ending you wanted… PLOT TWIST!

In this series, the books are written in the perspectives of Veronica and MacKenna. In Doon, it was mostly from Veronica’s point of view. In Destined for Doon, it’s mostly from MacKenna’s point of view. I liked that you get more of MacKenna perspective. It was interesting to see the world through her eyes. There were times when I didn’t care for Veronica, but we all have that one friend that knows what’s best for you… but not what’s best for themselves (FYI… if you disagree, you are that friend… ) The authors are just plain evil and I loved it! I am EAGERLY waiting for the third installment.

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